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POI Feature – Poi2Post

Add POI’s (Points of Interest) to each post. POI’s have a unique position and may be enhanced by audio-, video or image file links and additional informations like address, phone and a short description.

The Pro-Version includes the POI Database module. If you don’t need the whole Pro functionality you can get a POI-DB-key by making a donation of 9 € with „POI-DB-key“ as subject.   All you have to do is to enable the „Google Maps POIs Widget“ and the POI-DB switch inside the map-manager on posts you would like to add POIs.

Inside the map-manager you have to select who is able to add POIs to posts (Admin, Editor, Autor or everybody) too. To add POIs, simply click on the map where you wish to add and edit the according fields inside the DB-editor.

You can move and change entries every time you select them by click. POIs (if available) will be displayed on each first post map or alternative on a sidebar widget map.

POI’s  can be requested e.g. by mobile Apps together with the blogs GPX using a RestFul API like used by MapLab. On Smartphones Video- and Audio- Files will be played using the Phones capabilities. Note: you have to enable the Plugins RestFul API service to get access.


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