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Mit diesem Plugin ist es einfach den Google Kartendienst in Artikel und Seiten einer WordPress Installation einzubauen.

Hier die Liste der Funktionen, die sich mit dem Karten-Manager konfigurieren lassen.

Das Zeichnen von Tracks und Wegpunkten mit dem Editor ist als Demo der Installation beigefügt und als Pro-Version verfügbar.

Plugin Download bei WordPress.org: Google-Maps-GPX-Viewer

Map buttonHier wird der Karten-ManagerKarten-Manager im WordPress Editor gestartet.



Alle Funktionen sind über die Reiter des Dialogfensters erreichbar.

Als Administrator kann man unter Einstellung Google Maps einige andere Einstellungen vornehmen und externe WMS-Kartenserver einbinden.

Wer sich mit den WordPress ShortCodes auskennt kann diese auch direkt angeben, ansonsten erledigt das der Karten-Manager. Hier ein paar Beispiele.


Live Demo

Check the Plugin App

Now it is easy to use Google Maps inside WordPress. Here’s the Plugins feature list:

Drawing tracks and waypoints directly inside the map instead of using GPX are features of the Pro-version.

Plugin download: Google-Maps-GPX-Viewer

Map buttonHere you’ll start the plugins Map-Manager.Map manager



All map settings are done through the map managers user interface.

There are some more settings inside the admins Settings Google Maps area. Here you may setup external WMS, OsGeo Web-Map-Service or OSM Open-Street-Maps to your WordPress Blog.

If you know how to use WordPress ShordCodes you may put them directly into your posts, otherwise the map manager will do this for you. Here are some sample maps.


[map lat=51.493 lon=7.45 z=15 maptype=satellite]


[map address="Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany" z=15 marker="yes" markerimage="/img/fturm.png" infowindow="Berlin Alexanderplatz" style="width:610px; height:250px; border:1px solid gray; margin-left:20px; float:right;"]

[map maptype=OSM gpx="/tracks/Marker-Manager.gpx" style="width:610px; height:250px; border:1px solid gray;"]


  • maptype=”OSM” select maptype roadmap, terrain, satellit, hybrid, Relief, OSM, ‘OSM cycle’, WMS
  • pano=”yes” Google Panoramio Images Layer
  • panotag=”tag/user-id” selects Ponoramio images by tag or user ID
  • style=”width:300px; height400px; margin:20px” must be css conform
  • gpx=”direct or absolute path to the gpx-file”
  • kml= “absolute path to the kml-file”
  • elevation=”yes/no” depends on the option settings
  • download=”yes/no” depends on the option settings
  • fusion=”<table id>;<geoLocation-field>;<condition>”
  • address=”Berlin, Germany” location by geocoded address
  • lat=”51.093″ lon=”7.23544” location latitude/longitude
  • z=”15” set zoom level (0-20) depends on maptype
  • marker=”yes” add location marker
  • markerimage=”URL” add custom marker image
  • infowindow=”text to be published” add Infowindow
  • traffic=”yes” add google traffic layer
  • bike=yes add google bicyle layer




  1. Hallo
    Gibt es einen code bzw ein Flag, damit bei google maps standardmässig ‘beschriftungen’ selektiert ist und damit ortschaften und länder angezeigt werden?
    Ansonsten ge…niales plugin!

  2. Hallo,

    bei mir funktioniert der Downloade link nicht richtig. Mir werden die XML-Daten angezeigt. Ich habe eine .htaccess Datei wie in den FAQ’s beschrieben eingefügt, ohne Erfolg.
    Es ist ein Ubuntu Server

    Viele Grüße

  3. Hello, i don’t see any comment from 30 november 2015. Are you still working on this plugin? How can i get the version that work to upload the tracks on a map? How much i have to donate? Thank you for your answer!

  4. Hallo,

    ich bekomme immer diesen Fehler unter der Karte!

    “You called the draw() method with the wrong type of data rather than a DataTable or DataView”

    Verstehe eigentlich nicht warum?

    Grüße Jens

  5. Surprise!
    Right click-save works like a charm!
    I installed your android app GPX Viewer. I e-mailed the file that saved and like magic, it opens with no fuss, no muss instantly on the phone!
    Many thanks for staying with me on this issue. You are a rare individual to follow this through.
    I really liked the plug-in and so wanted it to work. So thank you again.

  6. Indeed, the plot thickens. I verified with Bluehost that I have Apache 2.2.31
    Any more ideas?

  7. I have cleared the cache but still get the same results. Here is what I get. It is just a small portion of the text. It goes on much more than this.

    Garmin International


    • mmmh…
      I think you don’t have apache as webserver.
      If so you have to tell you webserver to handle gpx as mimetype “application/octet-stream” instead of text.

  8. I am still trying to correct the problem of downloading a gpx file using the download button on the maps generated by your GPX viewer plugin.
    I have pasted the code you supplied into my hosting site (Bluehost) in the folder sequence of hidden files/ public-html/wp-content/uploads/.htaccess (which I created).
    After refreshing and even rebooting, I still get the code text files when I click the download button associated with each map on my website page Exactly what am I supposed to get? I’m expecting to get a GPX file that I can save to my computer or upload into my Garmin.
    Thanks again for helping.
    Anne Poe

  9. It was a conflict with WP GPX Maps. Strange as that plugin has not been updated.

  10. The maps have stopped working! I’ve posted on the WP support page:

    Suddenly the map containers are either blank or show the map but when enlarged the small map goes up to the corner, the rest of the screen fills with a blank, and it is unresponsive. The same on site as on a localhost installation.

    Error console shows a whole lot of Google js errors:

    TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not an object (evaluating ‘_.Zc.prototype.Db=_.ni(1,_.l(“O”))’) – common.js:216
    js:38TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘a.set(“length”,a.j.length)’)
    stats.js:9TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘_.x(l3,_.J)’)
    util.js:30 SensorNotRequired, SensorNotRequired: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages
    util.js:30 Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages
    22common.js:9TypeError: ‘undefined’ is not a function (evaluating ‘b.getSouthWest()’)

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