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Q: Is that possible to show multiples gpx files in the same map ?
A: Yes, you can merge the XML GPX content into one file.

Q: The map control button does not appear in the wordpress editor
A: Switch the editors to use the WYSIWYG mode

Q: I have two tracks in one file, they´re just the same color… I can’t give them separate colors, no matter how I try though…
A: You can edit the gpx and change the track tag e.g.: <trk color=”#cc3322″ width=”3″ opacity=”1″> or use the plugins Pro version!

Q: When I click the “download button” the download doesn’t work but it opens a new page with the code.
A: If your web runs on Apache, create a .htaccess file inside the upload folder with the following content:
<FilesMatch “\.(?i:gpx|kml)$”>
ForceType application/octet-stream

Q: I’d like to change the size of the map displayed (from 600px to 900px width); but can’t seem to find where to edit that?
A: In wp’s editor WYSIWYG mode use the map-manager in HTML mode changing the map size is done by style commands inside the ShortCode like
[ map styleQ:"width:600px; height:900px;"] The style parameter must be css conform.

Q: In full size mode there are some elements on top of my map, how can I hide this?
A: Go to the plugins option-settings page and try to increase the full-size z-index as needed.
maps html partent tags with CSS position:relative or absolute can even cause this problem.

Q: Full size doesn’t use the whole browser screen. What is wrong?
A: fixed sice V 2.14.

Q: Google Chrome seems to have problems on full size?
A: fixed (since V 1.13)

Q: Is it possible to get several markes into one map?
A: Yes, you can use gpx/kml files or google fusion tables

Q: Can I use a marker together with a gpx or kml file inside the same map?
A: With the Pro-version you can add POIs to maps

Q: I have to do translucent polygons. I have a gpx wit closed roads but I have no idea how to make them translucent polygons.
A: GPX format cannot store areas, use kml or convert it to kml.

Q: Do your plugins allow a frontend user to plot a trail on a map and attach it to an article?
A: The Pro-version map editor can plot tracks and waypoints

Q: Where to enter the Google API key?
A: Google decided to get an API key for every G-map after june 2016.
See announcement:


To fix this:
1) Create an API key as per instructions here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key
2) Edit line 14 in the plugin file
and append the key parameters
as shown here:
$params = “sensor=false&libraries=places,panoramio,drawing&key=YOUR_API_KEY”
thats it.

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